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Ivy & Pine is your marketing resource for business growth. We are a team of creative experts in branding, marketing, messaging, design, and strategy. We can get to the root of what you need to thrive. Whether that’s carving out space in a crowded field or planting new ideas in the minds of your marketplace, we dig deep to determine what it’ll take to make your business grow. And we’ll work beside you to keep your brand fresh and evergreen.


 I V Y  &  P I N E
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Fresh Ketch

Business Strategy, Brand Strategy, Naming, Tagline, Copywriting, Packaging, Fishbook (a compendium on fishing in Alaska), Cookbook + Marketing Collateral


Brand Strategy, Logo, Copywriting, Tagline, Photoshoot, Web Design, Marketing Collateral, and Social Media


Brand Strategy, Logo, Copywriting, Tagline, Photoshoot, Web Design, Marketing Collateral, and Social Media

Royal Caribbean Cruises

Brand Strategy, Market Research , Marketing Collateral System, Copywriting, Video Scripting, Ship Design, Shore Excursion Strategy, Island Design, Onboard Communications, Photography, and more…


Product and Brand Strategy, Product Design, Copywriting, Marketing Planning, and more…


We are grateful for each of our clients and appreciate testimonials

EDPglobal needed a complete brand refresh—strategy, logo, website, photography, collateral and a social media campaign. Ivy & Pine knocked it out of the park! Their work improved our standing in this market. There’s never a doubt that Ivy & Pine will get the job done on time and budget no matter the challenges that present themselves along the way.

Lisa Myers

Vice President, EDPglobal

“Ivy & Pine’s product design and strategy team, led by Thomas Lehman, have been guiding the Shore expansion into a line of lighting, furniture and accessories. We are growing beyond our expectations and the products they’ve developed have put Shore squarely on the map in our category.”

Tom Leonard

Founder, Shore Brands

“Between naming and developing a whole new consumer brand complete with strategy, package design, and two beautifully printed books about fishing in Alaska, we really put this creative team through its paces. They delivered on all their promises with patience, professionalism, and attention to detail like I’ve never seen.”

Deby Santos

Owner (Formerly), Alaska Fish House

“The creative team at Ivy & Pine is, by far, the most intelligent creative team that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Their ideas were fresh and always in tune with our business strategy. And they’re so fun and easy to work with—super responsive, great listeners, clear communicators, and tenacious when it came to delivering on-time and on-budget.”

Gail Nicolaus

Marketing Executive (Formerly), Royal Caribbean

“Ivy&Pine have done an amazing job of guiding us in the development and launch of this Italian design workshop.”

Clark Pickett

Board Member, DesignMashup

“When Cranium was looking for an innovative new brand partnership with Starbucks that would provide family-friendly options within the Starbucks stores Thomas Lehman and his team provided us with visionary concepts.”

Amy Pettigrew

Project Leader, Cranium/Starbucks

Working with Ivy & Pine

Our comprehensive array of service offerings

Brand & Product Strategy

Strategy is where the experience on our team matters most. At Ivy & Pine we live and breathe strategy because we know that memorable brands are built by defining and expressing a brand’s core values in ways that resonate with its customers in meaningful ways.

Logo Design

A great logo is a memorable logo. It sets the foundation for future success. Our design process begins with defining the essence of the brand and then expressing it in a beautiful and meaningful compilation of fonts, colors and graphics that sets your brand apart and positions you for lasting success. It’s that simple. And also that complex.

Web Design & Development

We’ve worked at the forefront of internet design since it emerged as a marketing tool over 20 years ago. Whether partnering with the world’s largest brands or smaller companies, our developers and designers work in tandem to ensure the creative vision matches the technical execution—resulting in websites that function as beautifully as they appear to the eye.

Social Media

Social media is an essential ingredient in the marketing plan of almost every current business or product brand. Ivy & Pine has a seasoned social media team to develop the strategy and execute campaigns that improve brand awareness, drive traffic to your location or website, generate sales leads and improve your bottom line.


Good copywriting is the art of persuasion. Great copywriting begins with persuasion and takes it to a new level by injecting passion and memorable personality to the message. The result is copywriting that is not only convincing, it’s compelling. That’s what it takes to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Video Storytelling

Great video storytelling is simply the next step up a creative ladder for our award-winning copywriter, Laurel Lindahl. When she adds her mystical visual sensibility to an incredible storyboard and beautifully written script the results are incredible. For one client, that incredible result was a basket full of awards. (Seven Emmys, to be precise.)

Product & Space Design

A well-designed product or space serves its purpose best when it is designed to be simple, sustainable, and easy to understand. Not an easy task. At Ivy & Pine we source ideas from an almost infinite variety of possibilities, materials, colors, shapes, and forms for creative solutions that are beautifully designed, engaging, well-built and the lasting embodiment of the brand.

Marketing Collateral

Marketing collateral is a tool to engage, inform and attract people—turning the curious visitor into a passionate, brand-aligned customer. Today, marketing collateral is not only a brochure or sales sheet, but encompasses a strategic system of print, interactive, video and sonic media to build brand loyalty and sales.

Photography & Illustration

At Ivy & Pine we believe a marriage of great art and design are essential in today’s visually saturated world. We seek to amplify our clients’ brand, its message and its story with beautiful and strategic photography, illustration and interactive media to create powerful and motivating branded imagery.

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